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Video text - residential project - jane ganz

This is a very interesting residential project. This was new construction. Totally enjoyed doing it. The architect was out of New York, did a very nice job but wanted nothing to do with the interiors. So I was able to select every single interior item in the entire 18,000 square foot home. This particular room, which is the lower level family room, the fireplace was made of stone, the stone on the outside was the stone from the outside of the house but then I also added brick as another feature. And rarely do you see a fireplace that has the combination of the stone and the brick. The hearth was also in the stone, the mantel was in a rough sawn cedar, rough hewn beam and you can see that was repeated up here in the ceiling also. The fireplace screen was one that I designed and had made locally, had it forged in iron. Some of the pieces of furniture, I designed, and had made also such as the cocktail table and end table. The other items I was able to purchase from the various manufactures, but it has just a very, very wonderful warm glow. But even the design of the windows and the wood framing of the windows that was all my design.

And then, this is another very interesting project. This one is a bar that is within the home, my client called it the Gentleman’s Bar. And this particular bar has carved wood panels that talk about the Italian wine makers. Each panel is different, and the detailing we did on the bar was very interesting. The corbels had a lot of detailing; the framing around the carved panels had a very rich and heavy wood look to it. And then the granite top I also did a little edge beating of a molding, to frame that out, to give it another different look. There is a recessed area behind the bar that is arched. That we made to hold the liquor bottles and any other things that he wanted to hold, and then framed it in just a nice wood molding again. The fireplace, very beautiful traditional fireplace with many different layers of moldings, and the back wall with the fireplace I did it all in wood. And the other perimeter walls, the three walls were in grass cloth. The flooring is hickory. It was actually scraped and burned to make it look like very old wood planks, so that gave the room a lot of character. It was also interesting to watch them as they would actually burn the wood with a torch, and then they would scrape it to give it that interesting look. It was rather nerve-racking but it was a wonderful thing to witness. The bar stools also have the same amount of detail. The leather is actually tooled leather and the frame has a beautiful wood frame on it. So the whole room glows.

Another thing I wanted to mention is the oil painting that is over the fireplace. That is an oil painting of all the Presidents and Lincoln has his back to the group. So it is the presidents from all different eras’ playing cards.