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Video Text - 3D Design Services

For the past twenty years the company standard has been using AutoCAD, so it’s basically a 2D program.

In the last couple of years Revit has really taken off. A lot of our architectural partners are using Revit.

It’s all drawn in 3D. But we’ve found some limitations with the rendering, the walk-throughs. Revit works really well when you’re drawing in it. But to visualize takes a long time to render and create.

So, we built this giant computer right here to use a new program – we’re going into a virtual reality program, and we’re building basically the 3D world, and then creating the finishes and everything on top of it.

Once we have it in a 3D, since we’re an interior design firm, they want to see what the finishes, the fabrics, the wall covering, the light fixtures – everything as we build the environment they want to be able to see it easier. So, this new virtual reality program is giving us the tools to give them what they want.

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