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Video text - Wine Cellar Construction

Alright we're here at a new wine cellar project. This got underway last week. There's about a week's worth of work done so far. You can see the room is under construction.

The outside shell and the framing has all been done. We've run the duct work for a cooling ducted system.

You can see over here - this is where the return vent is going to be. Supplies here and here. And we've run cam lights - these are all LED can lights. It's a wine cellar so we don’t want to generate any heat in here.

There will be a peninsula in this area so we've got a chandelier ready to go.

So the guys here are putting up some cardboard in the ceiling because tomorrow morning this is going to get spray foam insulation. It gives the spray foam something to stop against so you don't have to fill the whole cavity.

Once that gets done Wednesday the dry wall is going up, then we've got floorings, then it's ready for racking.

It's about 1,200 bottles if I remember right.

It's important to store wine at say 55 degrees for longevity for the wine to integrate. When it's young it's very tannic - most wines are real tannic - so age on it - five to fifteen years those tannins go away and the fruit kind of jump backs into it. And it's just more of a pleasurable experience.