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Video text - Completed Wine Cellar Project

Let’s start here with the cooling unit. This is what I call a ducted system. We’ve got a return and supply ducts coming out of this machine basically just pushing the air. You can see the air compressor here that is doing the heat exchange.

You follow some of the duct work you’ll see this is where the cold air is falling in the room. In a couple spots – three spots in this wine cellar. And if David can pan over this is the return vent. Sometimes that’s buried behind the racking on the wall but then intent then is just to hide this as much as possible. There are other ways to handle cooling. This is my preferred way to do it because you don’t have any equipment in the wine cellar. It can always get hidden outside the cellar.

Let’s talk about some of the racking styles that we have here. First, this wood is called Sapele. It’s an African hardwood. Racking styles here we have different shapes of bins. Some individual racking. We’ve got a display row with some LED lights here. It’s a nice way to present the wines. I like to use LED lights whenever possible in a wine cellar because they’re not generating any heat. You’re not fighting your cooling unit for generating heat and a lot of the cooling units actually maintain the temperature.

We pan around a little bit more – ah, we’ve got a little radius on this back wall. So, we’ve designed the racking to accommodate that radius. We have some large format bottle storage, some place for stems. We did a peninsula in this wine cellar. Some case storage on the sides. You can see some wooden boxes in here – a great place for that.

The rest of the cellar is symmetrical with everything. You can see it’s full. We should have built this a little bit larger. I called this a scooped unit – a piece of wood here has a little scoop in it. It’s a great place to handle champagne or magnums depending on how big you make those. You probably don’t want to put anything larger that a magnum in there because they’re too tall. But the larger format bottles are design to go above the center section.