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Unique St. Louis Interior Kitchen Design

In St. Louis, When most people start planning to redesign the kitchen, their main thoughts go to counters and cabinets. While these are important pieces, there are many other options for designing a unique kitchen that is both functional and beautiful.

One unique kitchen style is to use open shelving instead of cabinets. It will give your kitchen a warm, rustic feel if you use wood slats as shelving. You can use this to store and display your dishes or coffee cups in a tasteful way.

Lighting your kitchen is a necessity, but can also be done in a beautifully unique way. For a contemporary style, try metal light fixtures or an industrial style sconce that will accent specific areas of your kitchen. If you want a more cozy feel to your kitchen, you can try soft lights with wooden fixtures to give your kitchen the same style as you.

A great design piece for any kitchen is a unique, bright colored double oven. First of all, a double oven is so awesome to have, especially if you love to cook. Double ovens help you prepare more in the same amount of time - think Thanksgiving cooking. Having it a color that suits your unique style is a fun way to spice up the overall look of your kitchen.

Are you trying to make a small kitchen beautiful and more functional? Try a moveable island. Islands are so handy to give yourself more counter space. Also, a lot of them come with space underneath to store additional kitchen ware. The great thing about a moveable island is you can move it. So if you are trying to work in a small space, you also have the ability to move it out of the way.

Following these tips you will be well on your way to designing a beautiful kitchen that shows off your unique style.

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