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Stairs have been around since before the great Pyramids of Egypt, which could not have been built without them. Stair geometry is a skill as much as an art, and is still one of the most difficult structures to build correctly in a home. The Interior Designers of Directions In Design guide their clients through the details and pitfalls of stair design. Here are few examples:

Stairs cause the most injuries the home. They must be built to exact code. If the tread depth or height is not correct and consistent tripping and falls are going to happen.

Carpet that is too tall or thick can change the depth and height can cause slipping. Carpet padding should not exceed 7/16 of an inch thickness.

A straight run of stairs will allow you to install more economically a chair lift for aging in place. Stairs with landings generally cost 50% more to add the chair lift. Better still is to design you straight stair run with 9” of extra width. This allows more room for foot traffic when not using the lift.

Taller basement ceilings cause additional stairs. This can cause more space needed for the stairs on the main floor. Many times this can crowd the door swing of the main entry.

For more information call Directions In Design at 314-205-2010. Our Interior Designers and Architects can help you a achieve a home plan that will serve you for many years.

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