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Directions In Design Founder Jane Ganz, ASID

Celebrates 40th. Anniversary

St. Louis, Mo., March 7th, 2015 – Directions In Design founder and President Jane Ganz, ASID, celebrates 40 years in business.

President Ganz recently talked about how she became an interior designer:

"Everyone asks me, when did I know that I wanted to be an interior designer. I was a high school freshman when I was assigned to write a term paper on a career. There were many to choose from, but interior design sounded interesting. I was fortunate enough to interview highly successful interior designer Don Pisoni. He inspired me to the point I pledged to make Interior design my career. Eighteen years ago Don was thinking about taking a little more time off from his firm, so I invited him to join Directions In Design so he could design more and manage less. I give Don credit for showing me that you can make a career of doing what you love and improve people’s lives. I encourage our staff to participate in career days and help our youth turn what they love doing into a career. I thank our talented staff and all of our wonderful clients who have made this 40th year celebration possible."

Jane Ganz and Don Pisoni
Jane Ganz and Don Pisoni

Records Center
Interior Designer Hanna (standing) and Intern Brittany, organizing our new records center.

This black and white photo above could have been taken 40 years ago when I founded Directions In Design.

It’s actually taken in our new 2600 square foot Records Center. Why do we need such a large investment to store records in today’s “Paperless Society” ? Great Interior Design is classic, and many clients want to freshen and renew their homes or businesses. Having original plans, samples, working notes, and legal documents can save many hours for our Designers, Architects, and Draftsmen. This equals big savings and fewer delays and headaches. Of course, most documents are backed up in our computer archives. The computer, though, can’t back-up the feel, texture and richness of color that the original sample can. Another tremendous advantage is recreating needed documents should you have a catastrophic loss to your business or home.

In any situation, just let us know if we can be of help. I thank you all for your support and friendship over the past 40 years.

Warm regards,
Jane Ganz, ASID and the Directions In Design Staff

Directions In Design Inc. is a 40 year old design firm with projects in Senior Living, Commercial, Healthcare, Residential, and Hospitality.

Stephen Patton, Vice President, Communications
Directions In Design
1849 Craig Road
St. Louis, MO 63146

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Jane Ganz

Directions In Design founder and President, Jane Ganz, ASID