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Top 5 Kitchen Design Tips from the Professionals at Directions In Design:

Whether you are designing your dream kitchen or sprucing up an existing space, there are many design options to consider before starting. We’ve gathered some great insights from the talented designers at Directions In Design to understand the “what to do’s” of kitchen design and remodeling.

1. First off, if you are not a professional, bring one in! We’ll help guide you through the up’s and down’s and pre-plan a schedule of what work needs to be completed. We can also direct you to certain products that will work best for your needs. We’re talking about not only interior designers but plumbers, electricians, and carpenters as well. It is essential that all work be done safe and up to code standards.

2. With the popular trend being large, open floor plans with spacious kitchens, you can run into space planning issues. Everyone wants more space but that’s not always the proper kitchen layout. Setting your isle too far away can lead to excessive walking back and forth during food preparation. On the other hand, having too little space may limit the number of people in the kitchen.

3. The next tip is planning enough space for appliances. Being able to access the dishwasher or oven efficiently is a definite must.

4. Lighting design can be a bit tricky for kitchens. Maybe you want to have accent pendant lighting across the island, or under cabinet lighting that turns on separately. Knowing what is available to you and how much light you actually need in your space is key to the perfect lighting design.

5. Lastly, and possibly the most important is having adequate storage space. It’s important to design enough cabinets, shelving, and pantry space for all your food and cooking utensils. You might not think you could fill up all those drawers, but those cute cookie cutters and that must-have mixer have to go somewhere!

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