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Preparing the Guest Room for the Holidays

One of the greatest advantages of having a staff of 16 highly experienced interior designers is finding the best ideas and problem solving. Recently I posed this question to the staff: “What are the top 5 easily overlooked musts for your guest room?” I asked them to look back on their own experiences of being a guest and a host, and go beyond the obvious of proper bed clothing and cleanliness. Here’s their top five:

1. Check the heating and air conditioning vents to make sure they're clean and easy for your guests to adjust in the middle of the night. Due to lack of use and dust build up, many vents may require replacement to function properly.

2. Window treatment tune-up. On retiring for the evening at a relative’s home, one of the designers was adjusting a blind for privacy when it crashed to the floor. Make sure your treatments operate correctly before your guests arrive.

3. Check any devices in the room that function on battery power. Smoke detectors, alarm clocks, fan control, and TV remote controls are just a few. While you are looking for batteries, gather those extra phone chargers and ear buds you’ve amassed and offer these to your guests.

4. Clear the decks. Make sure you leave maximum top surface on dressers, nightstands, and chests for your guests' travel needs. Since many use their phones as an alarm, the clock radio can be removed from the room for their visit.

5. Since the guest closet is many times taken over by the homeowners’ surplus clothing, this is an excellent time to edit the contents of the closet and make a nice charitable donation. Try to provide a minimum of 18 inches of hanging space for each guest with nice hangers.

I hope you can use these tips to make your guests' stay more comfortable. If your guest room needs a new look, we can accomplish this before your next guests arrive.

Enjoy the Holidays!

Jane Ganz, ASID

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