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Interior Designer Hanna Tiedemann's Story

Working at an interior design firm has always been a goal of mine. So, after graduating college it was time for me to set out and step into the rest of my life. I was lucky to find an extremely successful business to begin making my dreams into a reality. Directions In Design has taken me under their wing and shown me the ins and outs of, not only, how things work in the industry, but how to run and manage a growing business.

After getting a tour of the space, I thought I would never remember how to find my way around and started to panic. There were designers left and right, phone calls buzzing, offices galore, and samples stacked as high as the ceiling. A hectic maze they called a business, and they wanted me to start Monday. Reminding myself this is what I wanted, I showed up Monday and here I am now several months later!

If your expectation of an interior designer is to land the job right out of college and start pouring out fabulous projects, you are very much mistaken. It takes learning about each part of what goes into a finished project to truly understand how to be successful. Upon starting at Directions In Design, I have been tested in numerous project stages and therefore received valuable lessons you don’t get through your educational process.

I am thankful Directions In Design believed in my abilities and education. Every day has shown me a new experience to further my knowledge in the industry. I am grateful and proud to say I’m a designer at Directions In Design.

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Interior Designer Hanna Tiedemann